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Team Building

Cohesion and motivation, the driving force of your company

Team Building and Incentives

Caravelle Consulting and Team Building

Specialists in intrigues and exploratory games, Caravelle Consulting create and organise entertaining activities for corporate seminars.
Whether it be a murder mystery in a restaurant (or at your offices), an « Olympic games » in a park or a treasure hunt in a museum, we tailor our activities to your seminar’s location, size, programme and objectives. The two American concepts of « Team Building » and « Incentive » now part of the international lexicon, best describe what our events aspire to achieve.

Defining Team building and Incentive

Strengthening team cohesion

Team Building improves efficacy in a spirit of harmony. It tackles challenges from the perspective of “play” rather than “test” and provides the opportunity to surpass oneself individually and collectively in the pursuit of a clearly identified common goal.
A successful Team Building event energises, strengthens ties and gives meaning to individual actions within a common project.


Emphasises the importance of “team” and engenders the feeling of belonging

The notions of incentive and reward are key to our events. They convey to the company’s work force, to her clients and/or partners the importance of the human factor in business. Business is people.

Our events also bring to the fore the pleasure of creating together and of belonging to one same entity despite geographical distance, differences in age, education and culture.  They associate team building with reward.

Real management tools

Today, the constant flow of information (texts, emails…), tightly scheduled meetings and the squeezing of coffee breaks can limit the opportunities for informal exchanges and brainstorming. In this context our activities become real creative laboratories. Situated in a new environment where the only constraints are time and the rules of the game, our activities highlight the fact that a “project” requires the varied skills of a team and a minimum of organisation to be successfully completed.

The objective as well as the means and constraints to achieving this objective are clearly defined at the start but, as in life, can change as the game goes on.

team building activity - a team imitates the mousquetaires all for one and one for all
a team of four celebrate their arrival during a treasure hunt in central paris
a group photo after an Olympic Games team challenge in a Paris park

Incentives and Team Building: reinforcing communication and the pleasure of “doing” together!

Corporate activities that are :

diversified      flexible      multicultural    targeted   
    A motivating time out    A mini projet


A choice of activities

From a Murder Mystery role play to the physical, intellectual and cultural challenges of an Olympic Games, from a Treasure Hunt in the Orsay museum to a themed Company Quiz Nightwe can organise and structure each event to ensure the maximum participation of your team members.

Adapted to your seminar

Size: different mechanisms permit us to adapt our corporate activities to groups from 7 to 200 people whilst preserving their fun and participative nature.

Location: we can come to your seminar’s location whether it be a hotel or your offices, in France, in neighbouring countries or further abroad.

Duration: a standard Caravelle Consulting event lasts about 3 hours in the daytime or during a meal. But depending on the event chosen, it can be also be condensed to 2 hours or extended over the whole day.

Weather: our activities can be played both inside and outside according to the weather and your preferences. Where necessary, we propose back-up solutions.


International Team Building

Teams today are often international. The need for a common vocabulary particularly for technical equipment and processes means that English is often established as the internal language of communication. At Caravelle Consulting, thanks to our different origins and considerable international experience we propose our events in French, English (and German if required!).

Activities that are both targeted and transversal

Seminars are a valuable moment for your company. Our seminar events aim to strengthen team cohesion by motivating your group to take on and see through to the end a project that is original, challenging and entertaining.

Where necessary, we follow up requests for information or quotes with an online or telephone exchange to better understand your expectations and the seminar’s objectives.

The diversity of our clients who come from many different sectors, illustrate the transversal appeal of our activities.

A beneficial break, the force of your event

The choice of event as well as its theme is influenced by your and your teams’ objectives and interests but also by venue you have chosen for the seminar (a luxury hotel, a manor house, a castle, a barge boat, a mountain chalet, a park or your own business premises)

  • indoors in a luxury hotel, restaurant, or your offices
  • outdoors in a park, museum or at an historic site

The activity is also an opportunity to discover the attractions and surroundings of your chosen venue, which in turn leaves a stronger imprint of the experience.

The break with the everyday professional world provides an opportunity for greater sociability and familiarity between colleagues. It encourages informal and direct communication with a wider range of colleagues, and reinforces the pleasure of being in contact and working together. “I want to” takes precedence over “I have to”!

A fun and stimulating mini project

The elements necessary to successfully complete a project are underlined:

  • Meeting deadlines.
  • The advantage of different skills within a team: observation, analysis, organisation, execution.
  • Task sharing and listening to one another.
  • Perseverance and tenacity.
  • Team spirit – good humour, the pleasure of working together.
company away day - da vinci code challenge louvre museum to Saint Sulpice church