Team building rally, a team crosses the Tuileries Gardens towards the Louvre

Team Treasure Hunts


Team Treasure Hunt

Discover a town or a region
thanks to our on foot, city and museum treasure hunts

A rucksack symbol, a treasure hunt to discover a town or countryside

Go in search of a secret or a hidden treasure

A team tries to find a code in the Louvre courtyard with the pyramid behind them

Whilst our detective party-ies are focused on finding the culprit and his or her mode operatoire, our treasure hunts revolve around the discovery of a secret or treasure. They require close observational skills of one’s physical surroundings as well as an understanding of the era and theme chosen.  It is an active and dynamic team bonding activity that subscribes to the concept of personal developement and enrichment through colletive projects.

Get the most of your seminar's location

You have made an effort to find an original location, a prestigious site full of history or natural beauty for your seminar. A team treasure hunt is a way of putting these surroundings on centre stage and reinforcing the impact of your event.

Our museum, city and island treasure hunts allow a greater experience and understanding of the environment. They give a sense to the visit as participants come away not just from a great day (or afternoon)  out but with new knowledge about the geography, history, myths and legends that shaped a town or region.

A team of four try to open the cryptex

Our museum treasure hunts

museum enigma a groupe of 3 point to a Manet painting trying to understand the message

See famous works of art in a new light 

In our “Orsay Museum Inquest” you will rediscover, in the context of a police investigation, paintings and sculptures from the museum’s magnificent collection of 19th and 20th century works (Impressionist and otherwise)! This one-time railway station was beautifully transformed into a cultural pole of the capital !

«The Louvre Treasure Hunt », also known as « The Cryptex » or « The Da Vinci inquest », is loosely inspired by Dan Brown’s bestseller.  The objective is to discover a closely guarded secret hidden! You will observe the famous paintings in the Italian and French galleries as well as searching for “leads” in the surrounding streets of this one-time royal palace.

City and island treasure hunts

Our city and island treasure hunts will plunge you into the heart of the maze that is their history. Whilst strolling (and hurrying) along their winding streets you can admire their architecture as much as their incredible views. We propose :

  • In the capital, « Medieval Paris Treasure Hunt » or  « Paris in the Belle Epoque ».
  • In Nice and its surroundings, « Nice under seige Treasure Hunt», and not far from there, « The art of living in St Paul de Vence » or «The day of the billionaires », in Monaco,  and « The hilltop village treasure hunt ».
  • And finally, on the superb islands off the côte d’Azur which served as defences for the towns on the other side of the water, Cannes and the Lerin islands, Sainte Marguerite and Saint-Honorat, and Marseille and the Frioul islands.
Nature rallye: on an island off Cannes participants admire architecture and the natural environment
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