olympic games challenge of strength - tug of ware gardens of a chateau

Olympic Games


Olympic Games

A series of challenges
from sports to puzzles and from food tasting to strategy games,
tailored to your areas of interest

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These varied challenges reflect the diversity of your teams

Having a strong diversity (in age, role, gender, origin and native tongue) within a company is a real advantage when facing  market challenges  and providing solutions to clients’ varied demands.

It is also a consideration when proposing a team activity. It must be a truly interactive event that will appeal to all participants and at the same time give them the opportunity to be positively recognised by the rest of the group.

The different challenges that constitute the Olympiades underline the diverse talents and aptitudes of your teams.


team celebrating victory on the grounds of La Défense

Themed tasks adapted to your needs

multi-challenge team building dexterity and concentration
team building activity - endurance and solidarity - the ice cap
team challenge - the giant ski tests leadership, coordination and listening
company away day - test of flavours and smells - herbs, local products, wines

Our Olympic Games, a series of themed games and challenges, bring specific solutions to this diversity in the workforce :
the need to appeal to all the team members as well as underlining the value of having multiple types of intelligence within a group.

  • Sport workshops  such as games of strength (tug of war), precision and dexterity (jenga, giant mikado, bowling or petanque), speed and/or reactivity or “Survivor”  type challenges.
  • Cultural work shops tests of general knowledge (art, history, music, regional heritage…)
  • Games for the senses (tastings, sniffings, identifying, foods, wines, local produce, herbs …)
  • Games of wit (logic, memory, creativity…)

These different challenges illustrate the importance of complementarity in a team in achieving a final objective.

The workshops are fun, diverse and adaptable to the region and location chosen (garden, park, seaside, mountains).

The challenges can also underline themes addressed in the seminar

Olympic Games or a series of challenges

Imagine you want the themes of committment and challenge to be central to your seminar for all the different departments in the company (managers, Etam…) Several workshops connected by the same thread or theme and taking the form of Olympic Games, would make the ideal activity.

Insert a challenge into another activity

Let’s say your seminar is taking place in the mountains and you have chosen the murder party « Welcome to EdelVice Chalet” as the theme.  You could add on in the afternoon a search for clues on ski shoes. This would highlight the attractions of the seminar location  and perfectly integrate a police investigation. It would be opportunity to discover the area and to do a sports activity as a group.

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